DECEMBER 26, 2002

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New York, NY---December 26, 2002


Press Contact: Scott, 212-545-7114

Horse Trade Theater Group and Pink Steel Present:
"Pink Steel: Queens of the Damned"
Part of "HA! Comedy Fest"
A Horse Trade Theater Group Production (Jan 9 to Feb 9, 2003)

---For All Things HA! --

---10:00pm -- SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, & FEBRUARY 1
THE ST. MARKS THEATER 94 St. Marks Place
(between 1st Ave. and Ave. A; no wheelchair access) ---$7
To Purchase Tickets, call SmartTix: (212) 206-1515
or online @

---Access Downloadable Photos & press info @

"Pink Steel: Queens of the Damned" ---Written by and Starring Alex Brewer & Ken Grobe ---Directed by Sharon Fogarty

PINK STEEL makes heavy metal gay, and gay heavy metal funny as hell--blurring the lines between music, comedy, Motley Crüe and Mary Poppins to create a fabulous, fist-pumping arena rock concert experience that will leave you singing tunes like "We Fight For Cock" "I’m Comin‚ Out (All Over You)" and "Sausage Party" for days---whether you want to or not.

This crossover cabaret comedy co-mingles gay culture and heavy metal bluster with punch-line songwriting, outlandish performance and inspired bitchiness---giving the audience front row seats to a stadium rock show gone horribly, wonderfully wrong.

In "Pink Steel: Queens of the Damned" ---A gay German heavy metal duo rocks the house while in the grip of a demonic curse. Hanson Jobb and Udo Von DüYü are PINK STEEL. These bad boys from Bremen, Germany, have spent the last twenty years playing for audiences that never remember them--the result of a demonic hex incurred when they sold their souls to Gaytan (an "alternative" demon from hell).

QUEENS OF THE DAMNED sees Hanson and Udo rocking their hardest, each song bearing the burden of two decades of obscurity…until one of them snaps. And that‚s when Gaytan exacts his final price on their souls.

THE ORIGINS of PINK STEEL --- REVEALED!?! In 1983, Udo Von DüYü met Pink Steel vocalist Hanson Jobb in a smoky Bremen bathhouse/nightclub, where Udo was recovering after his lover left him for a cantaloupe with a hole cut in it. Hanson, who had just finished "chatting" in the back room with several Nigerian wrestlers, recognized the forlorn Von DüYü from their high school swim team. The rest--as documented in the power ballad "Two Men Enter, One Man Loves"---is Gay Heavy Metal history.

But for PINK STEEL, securing their rightful place in the great book of Gay Heavy Metal History (long out of print; don‚t look for it) has been 20 years in the making. Since 1983, PINK STEEL have spread the gospel of Gay Heavy Metal throughout the eastern U.S. and northern Europe. Born in Bremen, Germany, founding (and only) members Hanson Jobb and Udo Von DüYü have made good on their sacred pledge to "conquer the world, one bath house at a time."

With the seminal albums "Mouth Full of Magic" "Creaming for Vengeance" and "Out at the Devil," PINK STEEL have duly carved their names into men‚s room walls and their niche into hard rock history.

Critical Praise For PINK STEEL ---From their show-stopping USA appearances at CBGB‚s, The Seattle Sketchfest, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the Gay and Lesbian Music & Comedy Festival.

---"Very funny and very nuts!"--Ron Poole, host, "Poole Party"

---"The gays from hell." --NEXT Magazine

HA! Comedy Fest After a highly successful 2002 debut, Horse Trade Theater Group again combines forces with the very best of NYC‚s established & emerging comedic talent for the return of HA! Comedy Fest---featuring Stand-up, Sketch, Improv, Solo Shows, Comedy Theater, Video Shorts and some uncategorizable entertainment that can only be described as "damn funny."

HA! Comedy Fest is where you‚ll see some of the hottest, most diverse comedic talent NYC has to offer---familiar faces from the major comedy clubs and the downtown theater scene. The 2003 edition delivers more performers, more venues and more comedic genres; while maintaining Horse Trade‚s commitment to affordable ticket prices, diverse entertainment and humane treatment of the talent (most of whom were not hurt in the making of this festival).

For PINK STEEL booking and press inquiries, please contact Ken Grobe at FISTFUL OF LOVE Productions, (718) 963-1557 or

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