UDO VON DÜYÜ (Guitar, backing vocals):
Born outside the port town of Bremen, Germany, pioneering Gay Metal guitarist Udo Von DÜYÜ discovered music at an early age, heavy metal in his teens, and hot men shortly after that. While living in Amsterdam, Udo was praised in the local blues community for his versatile guitar style, but ostracized for songs like "Ankle Grabbin' Man" and "Banana Tart." In 1987, Udo joined up with Pink Steel vocalist Hanson Jobb in a smoky Rotterdam bathhouse / nightclub, where Hanson recognized him from high school swim team. The rest--as documented in their power ballad, "Two Men Enter, One Man Loves"--is Gay Metal history. You can read Udo's blog at

As a teenage boy, Hanson Jobb left the small town of Bremen for the red lights and shaven men of Amsterdam.He returned to his native Germany years later with a broken guitar, a pint of root beer schnapps, and a mission: to bring the true gay voice of metal to the world. Armed with the voice of a banshee, Hanson and guitarist chum Udo Von DüYü conquered the European Metal scene, onebathhouse at a time. Rumors that Hanson may have made a pact with Satan in order to achieve his goals are met with the response: "Satan, like so many men, made me a lot of promises, never called, and left me standing around with an onion in one hand and mine gahundt in the other. Screw him--hail GAYTAN!!!!".
On rainy days, Hanson likes to go to the zoo.
Helmut was discovered by Udo and Hanson at an ice-carving competition in Mannheim showing off his 1st prize 12 foot frozen phallus. His Audi mechanic-by-day, metal drummer-by-night lifestyle was not providing the rocking he required. He rose to the occasion to smash for the STËËL.