As you know when you are famous rock stars such as Pink Steel, you usually get your pick of fruit to squeeze (if ya know what we mean.)

But even Hanson und Udo have unrequited crushes on certain unattainables people.

Here is a list of the boys we most want to hug and kiss. Shhh. Don't tell . . . .

Hanson's list:

  1. Grace Jones
  2. Macauley Culkin
  3. Weird Al Yankovitch
  4. Chuck Yeager
  5. Stephen J. Cannell
  6. Russell Crowe
  7. Russell Crowe's lighting stand in
  8. Here. . wear this wig. . can I call you Russell, mate?
  9. That guy with the big cock from all those movies. . you know the one, ahhh. it vill come to me . . .
  10. Vanilla Ice


Udo's List:

  1. Steve Kelso
  2. Tom Carvel (mmmm.whale-cake.)
  3. David Letterman, because I think he would smell like Bushmills und fish.
  4. Falco
  5. Brian from QUEER AS FOLK (he is SO bad boy)!
  6. Big Pussy from SOPRANOS (cuddly!)
  7. KK Downing
  8. CC Deville
  9. AJ McLean
  10. Screech