PINK STEEL respects the privacy of our
closeted gay metal brethren. It is not for
us to "out" our fellow recording artists.

So it is probably not us* who have written the following:

What homophobic front man was unceremoniously dry humped on stage by an over zealous Big Name Broadway actor on the closing night of Rocky Horror picture show in NYC? (Clue: his last name might rhyme with Bach)

What Metal lead guitarist confessed to compensating for his crooked Penis by owning 360 guitars? (Here is hint--middle name "Von"!)

Can you guess the name of this rock n roll recluse (whose last name might be Rose!) who was recently spotted skipping through the grounds of his Hollywood compound in the tackiest frock when he should have been working on his new Album!

Which rock and roll titan might just make you his famous greasy pigs in blanket after a night of greasy man love? If you guessed name that sounds like Donnie James Rio, then don't say we told you! (Say shhhhh...give me seconds.)

What "Steel-horse-riding" Jersey boy might enjoy a "cowboy club sandwich" every time his touring bus pulls into Frisco's Castro District?

What is the name of the gay metal icon who once got drunk and fucked a pussy that one time? Le Hint: it sounds like Janson Hobb.

By the bi -curious: whose heavy metal stage name should not accidentally whisper into the ear of a drunken and despondent Jim J. Bullock? If you said Slash, then make sure you did not say it too loud!

See if you can guess the balding former hair god who had to quickly don on a dumpster scavenged KFC bucket when caught in a rain storm on the way to the Cork Club with an underage Asian boy toy? It may or may not be Diamond David Lee Roth but only his hairdresser knows for sure--so blow him to find out!

*Just because these things might have happened, doesn't mean they happened, und even if they did, you might have heard it somewhere else first. So you might not want to sue us over it.