PINK STEEL respects the privacy of our
closeted gay metal brethren. It is not for
us to "out" our fellow recording artists.

So it is probably not us* who have written the following:

What singer of a band might have admitted that his famous power ballad,
which might have been titled "Beth," might have been originally titled "Ace,
Sweet Masterful Ace"?

Which metal band might have admitted that their song "Unskinny Bop" might be about circumcised men?

What famous metal god, jealous of the Pamela and Tommy Lee sex tape, might have released his own sex tape...of himself masturbating to the Pamela and Tommy Lee video? (Hint: it is probably not Don Dokken of DOKKEN.)

Which famous LA metal legend might now live in West Covina with a 54-year-old travel agent named Wesley? (Hint: it is probably not Blackie Lawless of WASP.)

Who is the member of a band, probably not KISS, who has bedded an astounding 100,000 women...but might have slept with twice as many men? (Hint: it is probably not anyone in KISS.)

Which hard 'n heavy bass player und "bachelor" might own North America's largest collection of "Hello Kitty" stickers? (Hint: it is probably not Nikki Sixx of MOTLEY CRUE)

*Just because these things might have happened, doesn't mean they happened, und even if they did, you might have heard it somewhere else first. So you might not want to sue us over it.